Keep Your Smile Sparkling with Regular Dental Cleaning and Checkups

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Dental Hygiene

Sometimes due to lack of time or distraction, patients tend to forget about booking a regular dental cleaning or checkup at their local dental clinic. In order to encourage you to schedule your next checkup and cleaning at ValleyFair Dental Clinic in Maple Ridge BC, here’s a few good reasons why regular dental visits are so important:

1. Avoid Painful Procedures: Patients who visit the dentist regularly are much less likely to need major procedures such as root canals, gum grafts and tooth extraction. This means that patients are saving money, avoiding painful dental procedures and staying healthy!

2. Beautiful Smiles: A good looking smile starts with healthy teeth, and regular checkups and cleanings at ValleyFair Dental will keep you looking your best. A professional cleaning can also help remove stains on your teeth, giving them a healthy shine that will impress everyone you meet.

3. Detect oral cancer early: One of the deadliest cancers, but easiest to diagnose, is oral cancer. At our Maple Ridge dental clinic, we have invested in the VELscope exam system, which works to detect cancer at the earliest stages.

4. Good example for your kids: If you have children who look up to you, make sure you practice good oral hygiene habits. Make dental checkups a priority in life, allowing for a future full of healthy smiles.

5. Reduce gum disease: Many adults will eventually get some type of periodontal disease, a leading cause of tooth loss. Luckily, gum disease can easily be treated or reversed, but only if your oral health is checked closely by the team at ValleyFair Dental.

For more information on maintaining good oral health, or to book a dental cleaning and checkup, contact our dental clinic today!