Drs. Chherawala Sponsor Operatory Room and Conference Room at UBC

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unveiling chherawala

Drs. Chherawala and Family Unveil Conference Room Plaque

As a show of support for community and the future of dentistry, Dr. Khozema and Dr. Rokshana Chherawala recently sponsored a Conference Room and an Operatory Room at the University of British Columbia.

The Conference Room is intended to foster education and patient-focused learning at UBC while the Operatory room is designed to allow students to explore the latest in dental techniques and technologies in a prestigious learning environment at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Dentistry.

The Drs. Chherawala dedicate the Operatory to their hardworking and dedicated staff members at ValleyFair Dental Centre, Maple Place Dental Centre, Aaargon Dental Centre, AARK Dental Centre and Lougheed Laser Dental Group:

  • Betty Ann McVeigh
  • Nicole Elder
  • Paz Arce
  • Yasmin Merchant
  • Julie Parkes
  • Lena Maria Sousa

The Drs. Chherawala value community – and improving the lives of others through healthy smiles and are incredibly proud to support the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Dentistry and the next generation of dentists.

For more photos of the event, please visit the official ValleyFair Dental Facebook page.

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