Reasons to Look Up Your Family Tree

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Family Tree

At ValleyFair Dental, we appreciate the value family! Researching your family tree provides insight into your linage and your family’s history. You may even learn some new stories or exciting facts along the way. A family tree is a chart that shows the relationships between your family members over many years. If you love mysteries, building your family tree might be a fun hobby for you. Below are some great reasons why you would want to know more about your family tree. If you can think of any other reasons, let us know under the Facebook post for this blog!

Learn More About Your Heritage

Researching your family tree allows you to discover your origins and find out where your family came from.  Through this process, you can also learn more about your heritage. If you discover that your family came from a particular part of the world that you didn’t expect, then you can get a chance to discover that part of your culture. This can also lead to some exciting travel plans in your future!

Appreciate Your Ancestors

Developing your own unique family tree can give you a new found appreciation for your ancestors and the journeys they have taken in the past. You can learn and understand how they must have lived their lives and the decisions that they would have to make for you to be in the position you are now.  During your research, you may even come across some famous celebrities or distinguished people that you may be related to. This can give you a new appreciation for your ancestors and an understanding of your family’s individual history.

A love for History

History is a passion for many people! If you are someone who loves to study history, then developing your family tree can give you a chance to put your ancestor’s lives into perspective. You can better understand their lives based on the historical events around that time. You can, for example, learn where your ancestors were during World War I and World War II and how they may have contributed. A love for history is a great reason to look up for family tree and better understand your ancestors.

Get to Know Yourself Better

When you know your past, you can know yourself better! Although this may not work all the time – getting to know your family can unlock certain interests that you never knew you had. You can discover something new about yourself through your research or a new hobby that you may want to take up. For example, if you found out that you come from a long line of gardeners – it may inspire you to take up gardening.

Learn New Stories

Part of the process of discovering your family tree is to ask your relatives for more information about your family. Take them out for a cup of coffee or for lunch and develop your family tree with them. You may be surprised with new stories you’ve never heard before. You may learn new and interesting stores about family members that you’ve never heard before. Learning new stories from your family members can also give you a great place to start creating your family tree from. Spending time with your family can help you connect with family members through shared stories and heritage.