Sedation Dentistry: Relieving Your Dental Fears

If you have been avoiding the dentist, sedation dentistry may be a great option for you. Essentially, cosmetic and restorative dentists use sedation dentistry as a way to build positive experiences for patients who are nervous about dental work. Sedation makes it possible for patients to relax through extensive dental …

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The Proven Ways to Prevent Cavities

In our continuous series of the best ways to prevent cavities Dr. Song at ValleyFair Dental in Maple Ridge explains why vending machines are causing more and more cavities in children and adults. Vending machines are quick, easy and cheap. Put in some of your extra pocket cash and instantly …

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Smile Correction 101: Fixing a ‘Gummy Smile’

Cosmetic Dentistry has become increasingly more accepted for patients thanks to popular reality shows that focus on dramatic smile makeovers. Dental patients in Maple Ridge are beginning to understand how easy it is to create their ideal smile with the available cosmetic dentistry solutions. We are often asked questions about …

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